Still Closures & Capsules

Cpak offers a range of Ramondin still wine bottle capsules in basic, prestige and premium lines. Basic range features standard designs and simple aesthetics in default colours direct from stock. Prestige Polylaminate capsules with their decorative techniques and versatility make this line the most attractive option for the more creative collections.

Prestige Aluminum line of capsules add personality and freshness to your product. Made in one-piece so aesthetics and design possibilities are similar to those of the Premium Tin although in a more rigid 100% recyclable material. Premium Tin collection portfolio for wine capsules is Ramondin’s highest premium class which features a selection of one-piece seamless 100% tin capsules that fit any type of bottle perfectly. With multiple design options the texture, colours and finishes define a top-quality product that is 100% recyclable and organic using water based inks.