Sparkling Hoods & Muselets

Cpak’s range of Tin and Polylam Hoods are suitable for products ranging from standard to the most luxurious sparkling wines. Get a refined luxurious touch with Ramondin Tin Coiffes which adapt perfectly to each type of bottle thanks to the diversity of its shape and are 100% recyclable and organic using water based inks. Polylaminate Coiffes from Ramondin come in a range of different decorative solutions and very attractive finishes which won’t go unnoticed.

The Cpak Muselet options available are a one-piece wire or floating legs in a range of wire colours.

Ramondin offers an exclusive touch that you’ve been looking for as they are the only manufacturer capable of making embossed colour finishes on the plates to stand out from the competition.

The discs are printed by gravure printing or for short runs utilise digital printing. Design options also include self embossing, colour embossing and debossing.